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OrgHarvest Selects Debets Schalke for its Turnkey Greenhouse Operational Needs

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – OrgHarvest, Inc., “OrgHarvest” or the “Company” (OTCMKTS: ORGH), the first U.S. based cannabis cultivation company to achieve a Regulation A+ qualification, announced today that the Company has selected Debets Schalke, a Dutch greenhouse manufacturer, to deliver the Company’s Turnkey Greenhouse for OrgHarvest’s cannabis cultivation operations.

Check out the factory at Debets Schalke:


The following is a 3D animation of OrgHarvest greenhouse upon completion on construction site:

Frank Celecia, CEO of OrgHarvest, Inc. stated, “Once we decided to use a greenhouse technology from the Netherlands, it became clear that Debets Schalke was a leader in the field. Our Management Team was greatly impressed by the incredible quality and high standard of the Dutch engineering and highly proficient project management style that Debets Schalke delivers to its clients. We are happy to have Debets Schalke assist us, a U.S. public company operating in the cannabis cultivation marketplace, with the building of a World Class grow operation.”

A video from Debets Schalke has been posted by OrgHarvest on


Management indicated that once the design for the greenhouse is agreed upon, each piece is cut to fit at Debets Schalke’s factory. They are then shipped and delivered to Long Beach, California, where they are then trucked to OrgHarvest’s construction site. Engineers from the Debets Schalke will be onsite to lead the greenhouse assembly to ensure the success and timing of the project.

As the first U.S. based cannabis cultivation company to qualify for a Reg. A+ Offering, management is working diligently to help ensure that its business and operation model – particularly where it involves its greenhouses – is operating at the highest standards. The Company is therefore under the current advisement of Mr. Wim van Weele, an Export Account Sales Manager for Debets Schalke. And now, with a 12-month extension from the SEC as further assurance the initial Tier 1 Reg. A+ qualification was justly granted, OrgHarvest is set to complete its $20M raise to fully execute the Dutch greenhouse project.

To learn more about Debets Schalke and OrgHarvest’s offering, please visit https://www.fundanna.com/equity/offer-summary/OrgHarvest.

For more information, please visit:

About OrgHarvest, Inc.

OrgHarvest’s competitive advantages include risk diversification through the approach of growing cannabis using a high-tech, custom-made, Dutch glasshouse manufactured in the Netherlands, which offers a unique combination of advantages unmatched by OrgHarvest’s competitors. Compared to other cannabis operations, the Company differentiates itself by offering a facility that can provide better quality flowers, pest-free growing conditions, and a stronger focus on developing strains and new products using exclusive patented technology.

  • Increased production rate and volume efficiencies.
  • Closed loop pressurized system.
  • Zero waste through a UV water recirculation system.
  • Odor remediation.
  • Reduced production and maintenance costs.
  • Lessened environmental health and safety concerns.
  • Lowered environmental impact through use of solar and renewable energy power (off the grid).
  • Extensive, third-party testing and verification process.
  • Efficient modern system improves production efficiencies, lowering pricing by as much as 50% and enabling operating costs that are as much as 80% lower than competitors.
  • Provides "value-added" technology, allowing for increased production.
  • Patent licenses for microbial disease prevention, ensuring safe, organic crops.
  • Proven design, engineering and production team for sustained technological performance of the cannabis production system.
  • Experienced business management team to implement the Company’s business strategy and objectives.

Management Team

OrgHarvest’s management team and founders bring together unique and diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience and expertise. Having an award-winning team behind OrgHarvest that is dedicated to strain development and organic production, will be the key to producing high-quality, high-THC flower. All of the products that the Company distributes must first pass inspections conducted by independent, third-party testing facilities, followed by internal inspections, then delivery to the end user.

The OrgHarvest management team has many years of combined business experience and is comprised of Senior Executives who each have a commendable track record in the technology industry. The Company’s management team includes Frank Celecia, president and CEO; Keith DeSanto, Chief Science Officer/Research and Development; Carlos Calixto, COO; and Rick Snelson, master grower. The Company’s Board of Directors includes Frank Celecia, Dr. Dean Cohen, Dean Ruffridge and James Adams.


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